Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Up and Running... Um, Jogging

Less than a week to go until my EBook is available!

I have yet to see the cover and get the files to put a matching one on the bonus material I'm providing for those who buy it but I've been assured that despite time off/holidays it WILL still be going live on MAY 19th.

So I've published SOME of my website to get it going...


Except for the Home Page. Yeah. Seems ridiculous but there's a bug in GooglePageCreator that seems to prevent changes being made to the Home Page after it's published, and I have yet to add the book cover and link to where it's available. Grr. I'm finding a lot of work-arounds in GooglePageCreator and am pleased I've gotten as much together and working as I have... BUT.. it's certainly not ideal.


SO: Here's the 'big' page with the juciest content so far - my 'About Me' page. I thought I'd attack it a little differently than:

"I always wanted to write ever since I could hold a pencil..."


So there are stupid questions (and answers), links to things I love, a little background info (for those who really DO want to learn more about me) and a little section about inspirational and influential authors, people and things... Lots to dig around in and get muddy with!

Here's the link:


From here you can experiment to see which pages are active and which aren't too. The Contact Me page is up too... just in case (yep - I'll even answer your questions personally!)

I have quite a bit of blogging to catch up on - for 'Tales' and 'Spit the Dummy' - now this is mostly under control so will be concentrating on that come midnight and beyond for the next few nights...

Plus I've got more I want to add/change out/spice up the About Me page - just to keep you guessing.

Oh yeah - and the WHOLE website (even the dreaded non-editable Home Page) will be up, live and into full sprint on May 19th.

Woo! (I'll add the 'Hoo' when we're beyond the jog and into the run!)

PS I'm seriously thinking about adding a GooglePageCreator Tips and Tricks page for website newbies like me who haven't got time to figure out website creation and html and don't have the money to pay someone to do it. I've found I can do a lot more than is apparent on signing up and wish I'd figure this out earlier. A little research goes a long way... I might as well share the fruit salad of my labors!

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