Sunday, May 18, 2008

Get Your Pith Helmets Ready

The website is almost completely active now, with lots more to discover and very few webpage-phantoms to be stumped by (I promise!...)

(...barring the all-important-GPC-buggy Home Page that is... I have to wait for May 19th for that. Sigh)


(Yes! There's more! And 'no' it's not about steak knives... this time...)

I've added some handy little preview widgets to the sidebar so you can see at a glance if you're missing anything from my other two blogs:

Tales of the Ink Gypsy (my themed writing blog inspired by fairy tales and their study)
Spit the Dummy... Mudsock Style (my personal blog all about my little Jackzilla
- a.k.a the cutest kid EVER! Yes I'm completely biased - and the big events happening in our little family)

Only 1 day to go!

(The excitedly-nervous butterflies in my stomach are already doing loop-the-loops and making themselves green...)

PS: Erm.. (cough) ... it may help if I give you somewhere to start your hunt, huh? Here you go:

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