Monday, May 19, 2008

'Ballet Dancers' Book Cover Sneak Peek!

A few hours ago I got sent a preview of the book cover for 'The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Ballet Dancers'.


I have to say it's pretty exciting!! (I am trying to keep my fingers from pressing the exclamation point on the keyboard too often but for some reason my fingers keep straying toward it...!)

I have a long night ahead of me getting the bonus material covers matched then uploaded to the site, ready for those who buy the book to access (the link and code are contained within the book for those who buy/download it). I'm a big believer of under-promise and over-deliver and hopefully these extras will be a nice (and useful) surprise for my readers! (!!)

Without further ado...
(and because I'd like to get at least a little shut-eye before the sun comes up to bake us all over again - it was over 103 degrees F in our zipcode today! Yikes!!) is the cover for my new book!

(TIP: Click on the image for a closer view)
You can find more information about it HERE and more about the series HERE.

Oh and one more thing - and I think this is THE coolest thing of all: as of tomorrow I am not only a 'writer',
(Can you tell it's my first book? Yeah... but I've heard it never gets old!)

PS: Tomorrow my Home Page will be active too. You can now bookmark my new website's main address:
(Yay!!!!!! - OK enough with the exclamation points already - time to work! I just HAD to sneak one more in...)

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