Friday, May 23, 2008

Creative Detour: Will Eisner

Will Eisner: artist and cartoonist extraordinaire!

It's hard to figure out whether his stuff is so inspiring you HAVE to go pick up a pencil straight away
makes you want to throw out every pencil you've ever owned and give up - knowing you'll never approach his skill.

And you know it instantly when you see it - whether you like comics - er, I mean 'SEQUENTIAL ART' - or not.

Yep. He really was THAT good!

Here's a little clip from a documentary to give you some idea:

He even seemed like a nice guy - dammit! (And now I'll never get to meet him...)

Oh yeah - and I think he has (ANOTHER!) book coming out soon (posthumously that is) on
Graphic Storytelling & Visual Narrative.

Being a visual person who has realized using images is a very important part of my writing process I think this book will be an important addition to my writing resources library (right, honey?).

It's a reprint but now we don't have to schlep through 2nd hand bookstores for the rare stained and dog-eared copy, or fight insensitive and extortionist e-bay barbarians to own our very own (nice, clean) copy!

As you've probably decided such a volume will doubtless be indispensable for your own creative thinking and resource library, I'm going to save you some hunting.

Here it is:

Just click on the image above and it'll take you straight to Amazon to pre-order a copy of your very own...

- just like I have already!

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