Friday, May 30, 2008

Creative Detour: Chasing the Bard - A Podcast Novel

Every now and then you find a treat that both the reader AND the writer in you can enjoy. Today's Creative Detour is one of these rare treasures.

With limited time to both write and read, listening to podcasts has become a wonderful way for me to get a little creative input during the day without compromising my care for my one year old son. Lunchtime is podcast time and while I'm turning spoons into airplanes and he's happily munching with his new baby teeth I get to catch up on the most recent episodes of my favorite shows and podcast novels.

And this one is at the top of my list:

'Chasing the Bard' is a fantastic and intriguing story, both masterfully written and beautifully told
and the sort of story that I get so drawn into it's only after the closing music has faded that I realize I now have cereal decorating my hair!

"Follow Shakespeare into the world of the Fey..."

Want to hear how young Will Shakespeare caught the attention of the Fey*, was shadowed by Puck as he grew and drawn into his own Midsummer nightmare? Want to see how our favorite Bard became a key player in the struggle to save Faerie?

Then you need to listen to award nominated author Philippa Ballantine's book 'Chasing the Bard'. Narrated and performed by Ms. Ballantine and an international cast of voices, this podcast novel is wonderfully told and produced, with subtle music and sound effects to complete the otherworldly atmosphere, drawing you into a world that's affects our own more often than you might think...

You'll meet Sive the Shining - the dark Fey queen caught in a struggle to save her world, Puck the Trickster - to whom there's far more than meets the eye, Mordant - the power-hungry Fey knight to whom Sive finds herself married and held captive by, Brigit - Sive's aunt and the last of the First Fey who Sees what others can't and many more including, of course, William Shakespeare - rogue, writer and the key to saving not only the world of the Fey but his own, if he can survive...

Here's a taste of what you can expect:

'Chasing the Bard' is a dark fantasy for mature audiences, with excellent writing, a well researched world full of fascinating historical nuggets, with adventure, romance, intrigue, a wry sense of humor, mischievous and dangerous Fey and a talented rough diamond named Will Shakespeare. Every chapter brings new twists and turns and keeps you thinking about this world, long after the echoes of Puck's laughter have died away...

If you like fantasy, Shakespeare, and journeying into the lands of the Fey you don't want to miss out on experiencing this wonderful story as it unfolds.

Chapters are added weekly and there's all sorts of goodies available too - PLUS the chance to join the Fey Court of Sive the Shining and get the inside scoop on what's happening beyond the bounds of mortal realms... just as long as you do as Sive bids!

Go to 'CHASING THE BARD' and have a listen to chapter one. I guarantee you'll want to hear more.

Support this wonderful author and keep her writing. We need more stories like these!

I'll see you in The Court...

* Fey - also known as the Fae, fairies, faeries, the Little People, the Sidhe (pronounced 'she') and many others.

NOTE: To read more about the print novel, click on the book cover above to be taken to Dragon Moon Press.

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