About InkGypsy

Monsters and other things I love:

Currently a full-time Mama-writer and zombie-impersonator, with roots in the performing arts, animation and animal rescue.

I love my Jackzilla (best kid in the universe), my husband (I swear his entire skeleton was carved from funny bones), the Arts, all creatures (much zoo-love, scorpions excepted & I'd happily be stabled with the horses at The Gentle Barn), writing (organic style), reading (duh), books (our house is drool-inducing for librarians) and all things odd (weird science for the win!). I have a passion for urban fantasy (there's a dark side), old fairy tales (a very dark side), am incessantly curious (expect questions, possibly forensic investigations) and am always working on at least seven things, usually in the company of night creatures (I'm very monster-friendly) and cannot get dancing out of my blood.

I think the world is a weird and amazing place with wonder around every corner (if you know where to look). I don't know how I'm going to cram everything I want to do into this lifetime so excuse me while I get on with it...

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