Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Here! It's New! It's Mine! The EBook is LIVE!

Woo hoo!

Two more all-nighters (after the many I've already pulled getting the MS ready) and some interesting issues on the publishing end (let's just say I owe Holly a week's worth of chocolate for figuring out all the issues and still getting it up on time!) and...

'The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Ballet Dancers'

Here is a screenshot of the HollyShop page where it's being sold:
And HERE'S where you can go check it out for yourselves... (and buy a copy if you feel inspired to - only $9! Oops. Sales copy is still dominating my brain sorry!)

In case you missed that it's

And the bonus' are up and ready for download for those people who have the hidden page address and password (ie. those who buy the book!) and the website is all up! - except for the Writing About Ballet Dancers - Additional Resources page... it should be up later today - Jackzilla willing (Jackzilla is one of my many names for my energy-full son!)

You can also bookmark my active Home Page now:

One little note - for some reason all the sales copy at the HollyShop turned all the apostrophes into question marks! It's happened to all of us so not sure what's going on there but it's being looked into. It certainly makes for interesting reading at times!

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