Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deadwood Comes Back To Life

It was a struggle but I delivered on my promise - well the writing part anyway. There are now another two new pages in the manuscript of Deadwood and I'm finding my way back into the characters heads.

Tomorrow's task will be to re-read at least some of what I've written, find the pulse again and add that new character that's been sitting on Elizabeth's doorstep, waiting for her to get home.

Yes, I have a new character and he will be key to what happens next. I'll worry about just 'when and how' he appears in the first place on the next go round, but for now, he's there - as if he's been there all along. I can even see his grubby face, skin sticky with orange pulp, dark trails of dirt lining his face so he appears older than he really is...

I kind of want to fast-forward myself to see what I'll write once he moves from the still image I'm holding in my mind's eye to stride onto the set of the movie-in-my-head. This guy could cause some interesting writing hiccups for me but for my novel's eventual readers he should keep things unpredictable and perhaps add a little edge I hadn't foreseen.

If I can surprise myself I will have a good chance of doing the same for the reader. This should be fun!

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