Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mine Is the Next In Line!

Today (OK yesterday now) #5 in the Write It Right series was released. The topic is 'Hunting' by Tanya Drayton.

The link to the 'about' blurb is HERE. It's always interesting to see how people handle the sales copy. I have to wonder just how different (or similar) it is to what's written inside...

My own EBook is still on schedule to be released on May 19.

12 days to go!

I have yet to buy and download any in the series for fear of finding out really cool approaches that I'm just too dim-witted to have cottoned onto. Since I've sent everything to Holly now, though, I should bite the bullet, boldly download a book or two and start looking at my fellow writers' efforts at this 'assignment'. Once I do you can be sure I'll be blogging about it!

It's a very cool series. I truly hope the mentality for many will be that they'll want to own the complete set (including mine of course!).

So far the topics are:
#1 Horses
#2 Firearms
#3 Courtroom Law
#4 Genealogy
#5 Hunting

I'm building my own collection right now...

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