Saturday, May 24, 2008

The 'Contact Me' Hiccup & Lots of Grumbling On My Part


There's been another little 'fixling' issue but this time I don't think it's GPCs fault.

It turns out AOL is blocking mail from google-based email accounts - which includes the one attached to my website and gmail.

Talk about frustrating!


I got a couple of inquiries via the 'Contact Me' page and the system worked beautifully!

Until I tried to reply...

[FATAL ERRORS.. blah, blah, blah NOT ACCEPTED FROM THIS DOMAIN blah, blah, blah]


GMail has EXCELLENT spam filtering so it makes me suspicious that such a major email provider is being blocked across the board by AOL. Perhaps the competition is getting to them... hmmm?


I'm not a subscriber to the 'Waiting for Google to take over the world' Club or anything but it just seems, well, mean. Shouldn't we all be trying to get along? If you can show me you have superior service then I'll check you out. But I don't like bullies or being discriminated against. You want we like you? Play nice!


I finally figured out a work-around after a day and night of researching the issue but I'm not real happy with it.

Suffice it to say - if you're an AOL user and would like me to email you, please give me an alternative email so I can contact you (if that's at all possible). Otherwise I'm afraid there might be a little reply-delay as I work on my work-around to get back to you.

But never fear - I WILL get back to you! (somehow)


Apparently, this is all part of the challenge to maintain a website and keep in contact with people. I don't remember it being part of the job description! I think homes should come with a personal IT guy (or gal) attached - I'd supply free home-made chocolate chip cookies whenever the chips were down... (Get it? Chips? Never mind...!)

It's my blog and I'll grumble if I want to!

("We now return you to our regularly scheduled smiley-faced program.")

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