Monday, April 14, 2008

Who, What, Where, When, How, Why & Wherefore Am I Doing This Blog?

Ah - the nitty gritty - may this be enough to chew on without getting stuck in your throat...

Who: The Ink Gypsy - aka Gypsy Thornton: organic writer, mama, other-half, creative-all-rounder - you'll learn more about me in the blogs to come...

What: Blog (duh!) about my writing adventures and the challenge of finishing those novels and of getting them published (one day...) all the while using an organic process...

Where: You can read my blog right here in my site! I'm so stoked I cracked this nut! Took a little brain bashing at first but then I looked over my shoulder and presto! The solution! Not perfect, I know, but a lot better than having to link, link, link...

When: As often as possible - i.e. every two or three days - weekly at the very least! (A lot can happen in a week)

How: Um - I'll have to wait till the baby is asleep of course and then I'll tap into the magic of the www and pixelate my latest thoughts, aha moments, triumphs, despairs, discoveries and whatever else I think is interesting - and especially share what I figure out about organic writing that's useful to the serious writer (not the I'll-just-write-when-I-feel-like-it writer)

Why: I'm taking my writing seriously (my stories and my ideas as opposed to just my words written in some pseudo-sensical order) for the first time in my life. No more giving it all away to other people's projects without credit, no more only working my butt off for little magazines for free, no more story doctoring for others rather than telling my own.. well, not primarily anyway. Time to try and put my name on the spine of a book, my name on the opening credits.. Sound selfish? Hows about this then:

No more putting my own dreams aside to instead (and only) help others with theirs - my goal is to inspire others in their dreams as they see me reaching for mine (especially my son).

Wherefore: Do people really use this word anymore? OK so the purpose of this blog then: As stated above to be an example to my son, to finally pursue my own dreams and to bring you with me as I figure out my writing process and what works for an organic writer.

Figured out my theme yet? It's ORGANIC WRITING and how you (and I) can realistically use this wild-like writing method successfully (i.e. produce excellent novels and works that get published!)

Yep - I'm one of those - I can plot till the cows come home, go out to pasture again, become leather boots and then some but when it comes time to write that beautifully-and-wonderfully-layered story the spark has sputtered and died. Even a two word 'reminder' or half-sentence of a scene can kill it for me!

Instead I have to turn on my Imagination Station, follow the movie in my head and write what I see. But as common as this seems to be, there doesn't appear to be much in the way of resources for this type of writer. So my plan is too look at what I'm doing, see what works and what doesn't and share what I've found out so you can try it too (if you're lost in the writing wilds of plot vs no plot).

I love how to's, tutorials, step-by-step instructions, collecting, note-taking, filing all my discoveries into books and boxes BUT I can't write this way. Whatsupwithat?!?

I don't know - yet. But I will. And I'll let you know too. Stay tuned!

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