Thursday, April 17, 2008

EBook Countdown!

Wonderful news!

The EBook I've been working so hard on 'The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Ballet Dancers' has been accepted by Holly Lisle (professional author and creator of the 'Write It Right' series) and I only have a few minor notes to address before it's completely final. She's pleased enough that she's given me a release date: May 19th.
Woo hoo!
Then it will be available for only $9.00 from Holly's shop. (link to come)

So who is Holly Lisle? She's a professional author, with approximately 30 published books to date, who believes in paying forward to help writers realize their publishing dreams just like she was helped when she started. She's extremely generous in sharing her knowledge and expertise - most of it for free! Her newsletter is worth every word and I highly recommend signing up for it. Though it's free I would happily pay a subscription for this - I haven't found such a useful and fresh writing tool of encouragement and advice anywhere else.

I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to work with her this way. To have her approval on my writing is both wonderful and a great way to boost me into writing more books of my own that have a good chance of getting published. And I'm working to 'pay it forward' to others myself in thanks (as well as helping to advertise her own books - she's not just nice, she also writes a damn good read. Her suspense novels keep me up all night turning the pages!). My own 'pay it forward' right now is to share what I'm learning about the Organic Writing Process and to help all those out there like me who get stumped as soon as they write any notes about their book or attempt to do any plotting. Writers like us DO finish books and DO get published but I haven't found many resources aimed at showing newbies how to work with their curious brains. I can help with that and, for now, will devote every few posts to a mini-article about organic writing. As soon as the writing settles down a little I may even do a newsletter, but for now keep checking the blog. I hope I can help you find your way through some of those wild and thorny organic writer issues to keep you writing and get your own books completed.

Stay tuned for more updates. I might even link you to a sneak peek of the book as soon as I'm done with the rewrites...

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