Thursday, April 10, 2008

Almost There

Nearly finished getting my pages organized and formatted for the website!

(she says - ha!)

Now I just need to finish the revisions on my ebook (just... sheesh!) and figure out that a nice looking header I can live with for a while...

Google pages: great because I can get a website up and running all by myself. (Yay)
Google pages: not so great because it's REALLY limited in the customizing department!

I just know people have done more with them than it first appears is possible though. There are some very creative work-arounds out there I'm seeing. I just have to figure out how to do them myself (just! HA! and SHEESH! both!!).

I got me some research to do...

Oh yeah - and what about all this writing I'm supposed to be doing now? Yeah... you really can get suckered into spending all your time trying to get that 'little something going so you can write' - turns out the 'little something' takes just as much, if not more, effort than actually writing!

Nove, novel - wherefore art though my novel?
Fear not fair prose (yes I'm very optimistic) I will rescue thee from the dust of the 'to do' pile and once again frolic (a.k.a. type pages of nonsense in the hope that within is a spark of genius...) into the early hours of the morning in thy sweet (always good to butter 'em up) company...

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