Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tweet Week - Goodbye July!

So here's the InkGypsy & 'Og' minutiae from the last week or so - 'cause everyone likes to peek behind-the-scenes...

I have made an effort to report more 'Og' news to keep Daddy in the loop with all he's busy with these days so there's a whole lot to read! (A reminder - the most recent is at the top.)

FRIDAY/TODAY: August 1st
  • Fail whale has a girlfriend...
  • Teetering on the edge of soap right now... I have little patience for sudsy shows.
  • 'Think like a fish to catch a fish' - I like it.
  • This is an odd show. I was told it might take me a while to warm up to it.. funny, considering it takes place in Alaska.
  • @jrblackwell Stardust - yeah, it had a couple of quotables - need to look up my text to see if that was Neil Gaiman or the screenwriter
  • My LJ buddies have given me lots of good stuff to read but there are not enough hours left in my day... *sigh*
  • Og: beatbox baby!
  • 18 month old rapping to Shakespeare - specifically The Othello Rap by RSC - knew those raspberry-skills would be handy for something!
  • Re previous tweet - it's the argument for there being computers in the Garden of Eden.
  • "Eve had an Apple and Adam had a Wang..."
  • Reduced Shakespeare Company on Jeopardy LOL! Love these guys.
  • OK I admit it - I never figured out the deal with the changeling boy in Midsummer Night's Dream. What happened to him? Should we care? about 13 hours ago from web
  • So the skylight isn't working today....!
  • @Nobilis Wow - that's.. extreme. They'd be the ones I was suspicious of!
  • @mudsock Do not press
  • Lock up your laptops!

THURSDAY: July 31st
  • Brain going - body can't keep up. Lying down does not guarantee I'll sleep but I'll give it a go. G'night.
  • Goodbye July and good riddance. Hoping August is much nicer to our little world.
  • OK so this drawing doesn't totally suck. Bloodhounds are harder to draw than I thought though.
  • OMG Saturn has OIL LAKES on its surface?!! I smell a new space-race in the works... *headdesk*
  • @PhilippaJane I watch cross-country wrestling (aussie rules) for that - I'm guaranteed short shorts and cute butts to distract me ;)
  • Og playing chicken with a squirrel - hmm.
  • @PhilippaJane Bullrush. *shudder*
  • @etherius Forgot to say welcome to Cali! We've got... um... 'stuff' I envy your latitudunal (!) destination. Los Strangeles is weird.
  • Listening to Whispers At the Edge & eating comfort cocoa pebbles.
  • @PhilippaJane & @TeeMonster 8 days to 08.08.08... Watching for weird things to happen today... [BOTH THEIR BOOKS ARE RELEASED ON 08.08.08]
  • On the plus side I was wearing less makeup than the clown today & Og thought it was worth getting dragged there so that's good.
  • The mailbox is not my friend.
  • Should have used the Visine BEFORE the mascara.
  • Have to go dress up to meet a mute clown now - pls let it be fun today or I might bite someone's head off - accidentally of course.
  • Worst frakkin' night's sleep in quite a while and since Og doesn't let me do much at the best of times, that's saying something! *GROWL*

WEDNESDAY: July 30th
  • Will have to finish my WS quote selection tomorrow. Zleepy!
  • MP3Mail sent after many interruptions.
  • C'mon Audacity - no more crashing please!
  • Og is thwarting my plans for this evening. *sigh*
  • Trying to explain the difference between nuts and screws to Og - believe it or not, I think he gets it.
  • @TeeMonster Unless you're wearing chainmail - apparently the electric field makes them act like puppies - I'm not kidding. Weird huh?
  • @TeeMonster I concur! As an Aussie you'd think sharks wouldn't be a problem for me but they're evil I tell you, EVIL! [RE PEOPLE BEING CRAZY DIVING WITH SHARKS]
  • Drawing chalk mermaids for @mudsock. Og is trying to wash them away.
  • Watching Og practicing his Ye Old Bamboo routine with his favorite stick.
  • @mightymur As a collector of purple appliances it's funny to think you now match my kitchen.
  • I didn't know ambulances could swim! OK - they don't, they sink but they still have little smiling Tonka faces which makes Og happy.
  • @GrammarGirl That is SO cool! Congratulations! May you be sent enough champagne to have a bubbly bath and plenty left over to drink! [HER NEW BOOK JUST HIT THE NYTIMES BESTSELLER LIST]
  • @TeeMonster Just tellin' it like it is ;)
  • @mudsock Cute! Washing the car with a squirt gun would take a very long time though...
  • @Nobilis Merci sir! Nice little podcastings on writing to fit in between things. Xlnt! [HE SENT A LINK]
  • @TeeMonster & @PhilippaJane are on Dragon Page! Go make positive comments and get people excited about 08.08.08
  • Ow. Knuckle bruise - who thought Og watching could be so hazardous?
  • @Nobilis Where be these writing excuses ye spake of? (not that I really need any more - I got me plenty!)
  • @mudsock Oh yeah - Og & I were singing along to Dr. Horrible a lot yesterday...
  • Jeri Smith-Ready podcast interview - vampire research, writing, rock n roll, her book Wicked Game - very interesting!
  • @mudsock Just as well I'm not famous - if I don't eat my words, I don't think other people should!
  • Og is feeding his cars cheerios. I don't have the heart to tell him they're on a liquid only diet.
  • Taschen's A Thousand Hounds... fabulous photo book! Og is providing doggy SFX.
  • Check out @prindiville's latest failed Supervillain! HI-larious!

TUESDAY: July 29th
  • Giving Torchwood a go again. Oh dear - who wrote these lines? Lessons in how NOT to write dialogue. Suspension of disbelief very difficult!
  • @cmpriest Happy All-About-You-Day! Wishing you nommy food, xlnt drinks, many laughs & other birthday goodness (insert birthday song here!)
  • @mudsock Music jackpot for you!
  • Scrounging change to go buy chocolate chips - cookie makin' time!
  • Og, the pasta-haired angel, is playing with penne finger puppets - it's a very stylized way of eating dinner.
  • Putting the microwave through its paces - gourmet chef am I. Dinner a la zap!
  • @the0phrastus A link to The Gatherer that works! Yay! More reading for me. Plus love the sketched title!
  • Listening to Dragon Page and chasing Og's potato puffs around the room.
  • @mudsock I commented on a little post in Urban Fantasy Fan too... [RE LITTLE STORY I EXPANDED ON WITH A TWIST]
  • My response to 'Are you prepared for a zombie emergency?':
  • Og's dream car
  • Og is coloring in helicopters with crayons. He prefers brown today and is getting close to drawing wheels (circles) by himself.
  • @mwsmedia Makes me think an earthquake alarm system would be possible with that kind of delay. Mind you it was a roller, not a true shaker.
  • @mwsmedia Wason phone to hubbie in Burbank at the time. He's like "Holy crap! Earthquake!" Og & I felt it almost 10 seconds later.
  • @mudsock Twitter tribe reports feeling quake in San Diego too.
  • @mwsmedia Og (baby) and I are out in Santa Clarita. Hubbie in Burbank - shaking lasted about 40 secs by both our estimates. [MWSMEDIA IS IN SANTA MONICA]
  • @mudsock Here's the earthquake stats update page (different one)
  • Earthquake! 5.8 Over - Og now trying to shake the doors and walls to see if he can make them move again - cutest earthquake reaction ever!
  • Just found out Joss Whedon does Shakespeare readings & plays in his backyard every couple of months. Not surprised. (Wanna go see!)
  • Just watched Dr. Horrible beginning to end on HULU It's STILL funny.

MONDAY: July 28th
  • Og is so restless my blog post will have to wait till tomorrow.
  • On the upside - a long overdue email is done :)
  • Lipstick Jungle is no Sex and the City but it'll do for a girly fix - if I could get the streaming video to work properly! Argh!
  • I do NOT feel like writing emails. But when else am I going to get time?
  • @mudsock Woo hoo! (Now you can read the rest of that chapter) [RE HOMETIME FOR MUDSOCK - HE TOOK THE TRAIN]
  • @Nobilis Laundrybots! Want!! (Do you pay them in socks?)
  • Og is demonstrating the dexterity of his toes by picking things up with them. Should 18 month olds be able to do that?!
  • @mudsock Ah= I see which song you mean now. Well= despite the different song topic I STILL think you have good taste. Compredez vous? ;)
  • @mudsock Ah. Well, you still have good taste :P
  • Neil Gaiman is writing a two-part Batman story!
  • He he - I also just googled Bechdel's Law to see what others are saying. I'm already bucking the trend apparently - such a pot stirrer!
  • @mudsock So you like too, huh? (You have such good taste!)
  • @mudsock I may have to click and listen a lot today... don't know as many as I should! [RE SITE WITH COOL LIST OF SONGS]
  • @mudsock You read my comment? How did you know where to go?[RE A COMMENT I WROTE ON SOMEONE'S POST DISCUSSING BECHDEL'S LAW FOR WRITERS]
  • @mudsock Woot! Never heard the whole thing before - me likey! Is that list songs from the show? [MUDSOCK FOUND LIPSTICK JUNGLE THEME SONG IN FULL]
  • Just wrote an unintentionally deep response to a post on 'Bechdel's Law for Writers'... think I might make a post of my own.
  • Garbage trucks passed muster so far today, according to Og.
  • Og is playing with the yodeling pickle.

SUNDAY: July 27th
  • Love the Lipstick Jungle theme song! Now, if they would only release it...
  • Looking at underwater art online. Getting the drawing bug again.
  • Washing the cars with Og - lotsa cute photo ops!
  • Og and his truck book wins... for now...
  • Listening to Chasing the Bard Ch 19 while Og serenades me. I need two sets of ears it seems.
  • One of the furry protectors updated with rabies booster - now to send the license fees to the county - keep 'em both legal.

SATURDAY: July 26th
  • Thinking about babies with scaly heads - it's a Mer thing, not an Og thing. Obviously I'm half-asleep. Time to get the other half there too.
  • @mwsmedia (re The Author's Responsibility) Amen! Enough executives kill good stories w/out us adding to the problem. Stay true! [RESPONSE TO TWEET ABOUT HIS BLOG POST ]
  • Nappies are budget killers.

FRIDAY: July 25th
  • Watching the equivalent of late night TV movies... sux not being able to sleep - too tired.
  • It's been a very long day and it's not done yet...
  • Drawing really bad looking cars in chalk - except for the porsche - that turned out cool. Luckily Og thinks they're all cool.
  • @PGHolyfield Ouch! I know EXACTLY how that feels! (ex-ballet-dancer here) Ice, ice, rest and more ice (then get up and dance again!)[RESPONSE TO TWEET ABOUT A TOE INJURY]
  • Brainstorming ideas for @the0phrastus first book, Seaborn - just released! Merpeople in an dark Urban Fantasy - want!
  • Not only the wheels of the bus go round and round...
  • Mini-Sheriff and mini-Mater are Og's new best pals
  • @jchutchins FREE LEGIT ONLINE MUSIC?! You've just made me a MINE convert - and very happy :) []
  • @etherius Are you likely to go to St Louis again? If not - drive thru - so you can say you've been there! [RE HIS QUESTION ABOUT WHICH ROUT TO TAKE ON HIS TRIP]
  • @mightymur Happy Princess Day! This year I give you the gift of royalty, um, royalties (on the 25th!) & wish you many (xlnt) martinis! [IT WAS MIGHTMUR'S BIRTHDAY]
  • ...No Gymbo appearance today :( but there were dog puppets and foam bugs to squash. Next time, no butterfly print sox for me. Og like music!
  • Og loved the maracas (predictable, right?), the drums were a hit (ha, get it?) and he was there with bells on (literally)...
  • I'm sorry, what's that day supposed to be about again?

THURSDAY: July 24th
  • Earbuds hurt my ears! Think I need a mini-version or a single headphone instead.
  • SpitTheDummy post-Adventures of AquaBoy:GreatHoseDiscovery
  • @TezMillerOz You doing a review of Vicki Pettersson's books? I was very pleasantly surprised. Just starting Taste of Night.
  • @PhilippaJane I wear my sunglasses at night... Oh dear, my 80s are showing! [RESPONSE TO HER COMMENT ABOUT WEARING SUNNIES INDOORS]
  • @mudsock funny ukelele lady
  • @PhilippaJane Kiwis!
  • @mudsock Apparently I'm not even 1 smoot tall! Guess I'm not up to the mark :P [YOU CAN LOOK UP WHAT A 'SMOOT' IS ON WIKIPEDIA]
  • @etherius Hope your journey is great and the destination worth every mile... BTW how are you tweeting while driving?
  • Listening to Talechasing w/ PG Holyfield while Og provides additional SFX and voice talent in the background - just for me!
  • Fumpr looks interesting
  • @mudsock And just what inspired your 'research'?! [RE SUPERGLUE USED DURING WAR TO STICK SKIN TOGETHER OVER WOUNDS]
  • Og slept thru his alarm - my little nightowl forgot about seeing Gymbo the clown today. Will try for a make-up class tomorrow.
  • Having to re-follow people after the last Twitter glitch.

WEDNESDAY: July 23rd
  • @TezMillerOz Funny speculation on your cover post re Pride. I had similar thoughts - pride = family in her case, right??
  • Og eating pasta - watching him turn into my 'pasta-haired angel'.
  • Listening to Zumanity s/track.
  • Just vacuumed and detailed the main bedroom, backroom and kitchen. Very difficult with clingy Og!
  • @kimidreams You can always email him through LJ.
  • (Mama) What's your name? (Og) "Ja!" (Mama) Yes! (Og just said half his real name - I'm SO proud)
  • "Dadda" (Og speak for Daddy)
  • Little Wombat books are Og's second favorite.. after all the truck and car books of course!
  • (voiceover voice) "HD makes your heroes testosteronier.." seriously?
  • Brak-bah! (Og-speak for 'tractor')
  • @mudsock Slow morning?

TUESDAY: July 22nd
  • I'm not sure if it's funny or freaky that the CIA might really work (and talk) this way. Bourne Ultimatum. Love this stuff!
  • Want! (Fail whale t-shirts & other goodies)
  • @TeeMonster Shakespeare quotations, passion, fighting, death scs... hope you're including some of these on your reel - impressive range!
  • @TeeMonster Really love your work on Chasing the Bard. I keep forgetting I'm listening to 'Tee' (that's a compliment!)...
  • I'm STILL getting fencing newsletters from Swordplay, even though I haven't fenced in, um almost 5? years now. Makes me miss it - kinda.
  • Just glanced at the time - that took a LOT longer than I thought it would. Damn! Just when the DVD player decides to work too!
  • Post: A Week of Tweets - but if you're reading this on Twitter you really don't need a summary do you?!


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