Friday, August 8, 2008

Double Trouble Day!

It's 08-08-08.

A very auspicious day, as far as the Chinese are concerned, but they're not the only ones with 'olympic' plans today.

Two authors - Philippa Ballantine & Tee Morris - are planning on making history and storming the Amazon charts.

So why the big deal?
Why so much trouble?

Because they can!

Both are being published by a small press*, both are releasing sequels to their award nominated books today and both are podcast novelists beloved by listeners all over the globe - thanks to their freely-available-yet-professional-quality shows and their willingness to interact with, and be accessible to, their fans.

The books are 'Digital Magic' by Philippa Ballantine and 'The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant'by Tee Morris.

'Digital Magic' is the sequel to 'Chasing the Bard' - an award nominated fantasy novel in which Shakespeare meets the world of the Fey in his own 'midsummer nightmare'. In this book, which can easily be read as a stand-alone novel, Shakespeare's time has long since passed and the Fey meet the future and a world that's barreling toward self-destruction - ours. With technology knowing no bounds and global warfare setting nightmarish horrors into motion only a touch of true magic will stop the destructive chaos. But the old art and ways aren't enough and time is running out.

'The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant' is also a sequel to the award nominated fantasy novel - 'The Case of the Singing Sword' - but the flavor is very different. Crossing over into the mystery genre with much tongue-in-cheek and classic detective tropes, there's one large - or should that be 'small' - difference. Our hero Billibub Baddings is a 4 foot honest-to-god dwarf from another universe and time, stranded in our world and making the best of it by using his talents to solve mysterious cases. In this new book Billi is asked to investigate a new baseball team and happens upon Al Capone. Suddenly the team's suspiciously good fortune smells a whole lot fishier and Billi starts opening can after can of worms.

Both books are not only great stories but are well-written and solid novels in their own right - yet both authors have chosen to share their work with listeners both through wonderfully high quality and entertaining podcast productions.

It's this willingness to put in the effort to produce excellent quality stories and storytelling for free and the very real and personal contact they have with their listeners that has engendered them such a following and it is today that all that effort will be rewarded. They're asking their enthusiastic social-networking-fan-base to show the publishing community at large just how effective good-quality podcasting can be at reaching people and why giving away content actually encourages them to buy more books.

How will we do this?

By putting our money where our appreciation is and buying their new books through Amazon on the day they become available - TODAY!

And doing it today is crucial to helping make that statement. The more orders and requests flood Amazon at once, the higher up the ranking the book goes and the more notice it gets from 'The Big Boys'**.

Today we can help make history by putting 2 small press books into the top ranks and smack in the middle of the publishing spotlight for all to see!

This is one very effective way for the little people (including you and me) to play The Big Boys' game and win! Instead of being told what to read and what we should find popular we get the chance to tell them what we want and why they should listen to us. It's high time big publishing houses give us what we really want, not what they think we want, and realize that you don't have to be a big fish to make a big splash.

Come join in! It's the least we can do for the hours of free, excellent quality entertainment they've given us. Not only will you get world class stories to add to your library but you can be part of history-in-the-making.

I promise you - it will be well worth your trouble!

*Dragon Moon Press
**Major publishing houses everywhere!

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