Sunday, August 10, 2008

Co-Creative Writers

Co-creative writing.

This is not a creative adventure for two as it might first sound.
It's a solo gig.

This is what it's called when writers create something else in addition to their writing - something that ultimately helps the writing, either directly or indirectly.

I was reading a new author's blog and she* mentioned it was necessary for her to 'co-create' in order to write her best. This activity could be directly relating TO her work or just be a creative act WHILE she works but it has the same result. Whether it's cooking, acting or world-building, the idea is to 'play' so she can loosen up and let go of expectations she has about the characters and story in order to not force the outcome (avoiding a strained, superficial novel, not worthy of much except a complete rewrite. *shudder*).

I often read about people using music to aid their writing. It's becoming more and more popular for writers to list the music they were listening to for inspiration in their blogs and sometimes even in their books (see Rachel Caine's Music Page HERE for an example - she writes the UF Weather Warden books along with the Morganville Vampire series.) These 'playlists' are very interesting to read and listen to as it 're-invokes' the mood and atmosphere the author was surrounded by while writing and may even give you clues and 'insider-information' as to how the thought process was working at the time. I've even found a new-ish podcast that interviews authors & writers who specifically use music to aid their writing process and it's a fascinating listen. (The podcast is called Writers and Their Soundtracks and is hosted by Julie K Rose. You can find it - and listen to it - HERE.)

There's no doubt creating a playlist specifically for a novel is a form of creativity even though the music they use is not usually music they, themselves, compose (though I have found an exception in Matthew Wayne Selznick, who both compiles playlists for his novels and writes music for them which is very cool).

It's this exploration and expression in different/additional art forms as part of the writing process that fascinates me.

More and more I'm bumping into writers who paint**, writers who draw, writers who collage and writers who sculpt - all as part of their pre-writing, plot-knot picking and refresh-reboot process. Even the relatively new wave of writers-who-podcast find that creating and editing the voices, narration, score and sound effects (essentially creating an audio production) for their novels breathes life into both the existing works and provides inspiration for new ones. It's discussing these additional creative explorations that makes a whole lot of sense to me as far as process goes and encourages me in my writing too. And it's no surprise that a lot of these are organic writers.


Because I'm one of them. If given the chance I will collage settings, symbols, images, colors, objects etc into a new form to try and capture the mood, put together inspirational art boards, assemble mood slideshows, doodle costume ideas, storyboard the scene (when no one's around of course, and they don't stay on the planet long - I'd die a slow and painful death of embarrassment if anyone ever saw these!) and I have one project in particular that I've written and planned the entire 'movie trailer' to. (I'm working on those drawing skills too but until I can relax about it this blocks me rather than frees me up - yes, I've put myself on my own Works-In-Progress list!)

What's the point of it all? It helps me 'find' the story and keeps me true to that initial charged image that started me writing in the first place.

Oddly enough, it helps if I'm also being creative in other ways as well (I'm hoping drawing will join those activities soon), as if it flexes my creative muscle so that when I bring it bear on my writing, I have more creative oomph (and who doesn't like oomph!).

There definitely seems to be a 'frequency' needed for writing (for me anyway). I'm not talking about consistency of writing (though that definitely helps the word count). I'm talking about tuning in. It's not about waiting for inspiration (the days that comes are wonderful but in no way guaranteed). Instead it's about a particular way of thinking. The lack of Zzzs make it difficult to concentrate, without doubt, but there's something about a hazy brain - whether sleep-muddled or lack-of-sleep-muddled - that seems to bring a whole different sort of focus to a story and let it live a life of it's own. Any explorative creative play in the story-world (and even alongside it) helps keep me on track and seems to aid in communicating directly with my elusive Muse, quickly bypassing all the 'proper' (and dangerous) writer-ly conventions my brain wants to employ (you know, the ones that tend to end in wooden prose and destined for death-by-red-pencil).

When I create facets of my story in another form besides the novel-writing itself it seems to take on more life, become more dimensional and keeps me both
true to the real story I'm trying to write - no, SHOULD write and open to interesting possibilities.

When I'm making an effort to create in addition to (not in place of) my writing, tuning into my story - the REAL story becomes a LOT easier.

This isn't something I can methodically plan out. I just have to determine to do it, then start and see where it leads. It's exploration, it's experimentation, it's 'felt', it's organic and it's play.

When I realize other writers - professional writers - are employing these kinds of techniques in their own writing process I find the confidence to explore my own unconventional methods as I write my stories. There's always the concern that 'it's a waste of time' or 'there's no point unless you're creating something of professional caliber' but when you accept that it's part of the process it makes this 'play' not only OK but necessary. Then when the play has served it's purpose and it's time to write more words I'm already where I should be head-wise.

My only trouble then is staying awake long enough to get the words down before the images and voices fade and sleep washes away the dream...

... ZZzzzz...

*Dawn Metcalf - author of the soon-to-be-released YA urban fantasy novel 'Skin & Bones'.
** Chris Howard - author of the newly released dark urban fantasy novel 'Seaborn' (post about the novel coming soon!)
NOTE: Art is by surrealist painter Remedios Varo - click on any picture to be taken to a brief bio and a gallery of available paintings.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Double Trouble Day!

It's 08-08-08.

A very auspicious day, as far as the Chinese are concerned, but they're not the only ones with 'olympic' plans today.

Two authors - Philippa Ballantine & Tee Morris - are planning on making history and storming the Amazon charts.

So why the big deal?
Why so much trouble?

Because they can!

Both are being published by a small press*, both are releasing sequels to their award nominated books today and both are podcast novelists beloved by listeners all over the globe - thanks to their freely-available-yet-professional-quality shows and their willingness to interact with, and be accessible to, their fans.

The books are 'Digital Magic' by Philippa Ballantine and 'The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant'by Tee Morris.

'Digital Magic' is the sequel to 'Chasing the Bard' - an award nominated fantasy novel in which Shakespeare meets the world of the Fey in his own 'midsummer nightmare'. In this book, which can easily be read as a stand-alone novel, Shakespeare's time has long since passed and the Fey meet the future and a world that's barreling toward self-destruction - ours. With technology knowing no bounds and global warfare setting nightmarish horrors into motion only a touch of true magic will stop the destructive chaos. But the old art and ways aren't enough and time is running out.

'The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant' is also a sequel to the award nominated fantasy novel - 'The Case of the Singing Sword' - but the flavor is very different. Crossing over into the mystery genre with much tongue-in-cheek and classic detective tropes, there's one large - or should that be 'small' - difference. Our hero Billibub Baddings is a 4 foot honest-to-god dwarf from another universe and time, stranded in our world and making the best of it by using his talents to solve mysterious cases. In this new book Billi is asked to investigate a new baseball team and happens upon Al Capone. Suddenly the team's suspiciously good fortune smells a whole lot fishier and Billi starts opening can after can of worms.

Both books are not only great stories but are well-written and solid novels in their own right - yet both authors have chosen to share their work with listeners both through wonderfully high quality and entertaining podcast productions.

It's this willingness to put in the effort to produce excellent quality stories and storytelling for free and the very real and personal contact they have with their listeners that has engendered them such a following and it is today that all that effort will be rewarded. They're asking their enthusiastic social-networking-fan-base to show the publishing community at large just how effective good-quality podcasting can be at reaching people and why giving away content actually encourages them to buy more books.

How will we do this?

By putting our money where our appreciation is and buying their new books through Amazon on the day they become available - TODAY!

And doing it today is crucial to helping make that statement. The more orders and requests flood Amazon at once, the higher up the ranking the book goes and the more notice it gets from 'The Big Boys'**.

Today we can help make history by putting 2 small press books into the top ranks and smack in the middle of the publishing spotlight for all to see!

This is one very effective way for the little people (including you and me) to play The Big Boys' game and win! Instead of being told what to read and what we should find popular we get the chance to tell them what we want and why they should listen to us. It's high time big publishing houses give us what we really want, not what they think we want, and realize that you don't have to be a big fish to make a big splash.

Come join in! It's the least we can do for the hours of free, excellent quality entertainment they've given us. Not only will you get world class stories to add to your library but you can be part of history-in-the-making.

I promise you - it will be well worth your trouble!

*Dragon Moon Press
**Major publishing houses everywhere!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Life, My Show

Cross-posted from my Live Journal (but it looks cooler here, I promise!)

Writing prompt:
If you could make your own reality show, what would it be about and who would be on it?

Interesting. I hate reality shows, but the fact that I'm answering this at all suggests that maybe I just haven't found the sort of reality show I could get into yet... disturbing thought! Most of life, ie. reality, is quite boring - especially for those not involved! But let's face it - reality TV is not 'REALITY tv' - not really. It's heightened reality, complete with set-ups, behind-the-scenes manipulations, showmen (and women), an added soundtrack (I mean, c'mon - don't you sometimes wish you'd had a soundtrack to alert you to what was going to happen in the last few minutes?!) and a whole lot of editing.

Despite not liking reality shows I do love a good mockumentary. There have been times in my life where things have gotten dramatic enough on a day-to-day basis that it's seemed completely surreal and I've wondered if the whole situation was either a ludicrous set-up for candid camera or if I was going to wake up anytime soon. And then there's the life I've wished I was living and daydreamed about things happening to add a little more spice to my oh-so-dull day. These are the 'there's a musical in my head' days and I often wonder what would really happen if people were made to get on board and be part of my private production.

So what immediately comes to mind as a show I'd enjoy watching would be, what I would call, 'Life Is A Musical' - You see, growing up in a land far distant from the US of A, seeing the old movies, there's this sense that America lives a life of song and dance. When I finally moved to the US I must admit I wouldn't have been completely surprised had I observed people breaking into song and dance in random situations. Being that I moved to a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Hollywood, I've seen HAVE something close to this happen a couple of times now, though it never lived up to the numbers in my imagination. Now, of course, there's the wonderful improv group that does just that - surprising the populace of study halls and food courts by tunefully sharing their perspective on the woes of lectures and the tragedy of absent napkins. I love this stuff. Watching and listening to the comments of the pissed off and/or surprised observers is pretty telling about people's states of mind and I applaud the bravery of the participants. So as far as a show goes, what if there were a group of people - living and/or working in close proximity - who were required to expound their triumphs, trials, woes and daily activities in musical format? Each person would be required to initiate a musical 'event' at least twice a day or lose their place (I believe the vernacular is 'get kicked off the island'). They can plan a little and set it up but it must occur spontaneously and the other participating (and unprepared) members would be required to join in, with additional points given for making a number better/funnier/more entertaining. Essentially it would be improv theater, taken off stage and into the daily lives of those on the show and those fortunate - or unfortunate - enough to surround them at the time. The participants - starting with at least ten - would have to have enough musical talent to sing, enough comedic sense to entertain on the fly, enough movement skill to pull off some spontaneous choreography smoothly and enough sense of team work to figure out how to work with other members best in the heat of the moment for the best entertainment value. The reality TV production crew would provide creative and 'on-the-spot' lighting, musical accompaniment and help with corralling the general public when a number is in progress.

Yes - I'd definitely watch that.

So if I hate reality TV, why am I answering this writing prompt? Because I'm beginning to realize that a strong negative reaction on my part means I've got some soul searching to do. When I take the time to honestly try and figure out why I react as I do I get some interesting insights about myself.

What I've learned in considering this is that I'm not big on reality in general. No surprise there, I'm a fantasy writer after all, but the interesting thing about this that I realize I truly believe we all have the power to make our lives, and the lives of others, far more interesting than we generally do. Yes, it takes a lot of effort but that's when those memorable moments come and we are glad we were living our life - not just parked in front of a TV version of another's. Everyone has the opportunity to shine in one way or another. It doesn't mean taking center stage necessarily but it does mean taking opportunities when they're presented to us, putting our heart and soul into the moment and finding the magic in the ordinary. When we have the courage to live this way we inspire others to take what life offers and live it fully, not letting it pass them by. Our own stories are unique and interesting but if we're not interested, no one else will be either. What magic are we passing by because it's too much trouble to see? When we focus on making the most out of our every day, rather than tuning out and switching ourselves off from life, we tune in and can't wait for more. It's not more TV that we'll wished we experienced when the lights go down, it's the life we let pass us by.

What does this tell me? That I need to grab those opportunities and make things memorable when I can. Don't be afraid to sing, don't be afraid dance and above all, don't be afraid to shine. I'm the only one who can live my life and there ain't no rehearsal. It's my birthday today - another year gone, another year beginning - it's time I got with the program.

The show's happening, whether I like it or not - it's up to me whether it's worth watching or not!

Note: The pictures above are from two of my favorite shows 'Pushing Daisies' & 'Wonderfalls' - both are stylized, fantasy shows, where the most normal and innocent thing becomes the focus of something truly bizarre and fantastic, all in the middle of ongoing mysteries. In these shows, the colors are saturated, the sets are distinctly staged and the people are bizarrely unique and particular. You never know when things will take a turn for the weird, a magical moment will happen or people will break into song. A llfe like either of these would be exhausting but it's a lot of fun to watch and once it's over, you do catch yourself looking at the world just a little bit sideways and appreciating it all the more. Click on the pictures to be taken to more information about the particular show.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tweet Week - Goodbye July!

So here's the InkGypsy & 'Og' minutiae from the last week or so - 'cause everyone likes to peek behind-the-scenes...

I have made an effort to report more 'Og' news to keep Daddy in the loop with all he's busy with these days so there's a whole lot to read! (A reminder - the most recent is at the top.)

FRIDAY/TODAY: August 1st
  • Fail whale has a girlfriend...
  • Teetering on the edge of soap right now... I have little patience for sudsy shows.
  • 'Think like a fish to catch a fish' - I like it.
  • This is an odd show. I was told it might take me a while to warm up to it.. funny, considering it takes place in Alaska.
  • @jrblackwell Stardust - yeah, it had a couple of quotables - need to look up my text to see if that was Neil Gaiman or the screenwriter
  • My LJ buddies have given me lots of good stuff to read but there are not enough hours left in my day... *sigh*
  • Og: beatbox baby!
  • 18 month old rapping to Shakespeare - specifically The Othello Rap by RSC - knew those raspberry-skills would be handy for something!
  • Re previous tweet - it's the argument for there being computers in the Garden of Eden.
  • "Eve had an Apple and Adam had a Wang..."
  • Reduced Shakespeare Company on Jeopardy LOL! Love these guys.
  • OK I admit it - I never figured out the deal with the changeling boy in Midsummer Night's Dream. What happened to him? Should we care? about 13 hours ago from web
  • So the skylight isn't working today....!
  • @Nobilis Wow - that's.. extreme. They'd be the ones I was suspicious of!
  • @mudsock Do not press
  • Lock up your laptops!

THURSDAY: July 31st
  • Brain going - body can't keep up. Lying down does not guarantee I'll sleep but I'll give it a go. G'night.
  • Goodbye July and good riddance. Hoping August is much nicer to our little world.
  • OK so this drawing doesn't totally suck. Bloodhounds are harder to draw than I thought though.
  • OMG Saturn has OIL LAKES on its surface?!! I smell a new space-race in the works... *headdesk*
  • @PhilippaJane I watch cross-country wrestling (aussie rules) for that - I'm guaranteed short shorts and cute butts to distract me ;)
  • Og playing chicken with a squirrel - hmm.
  • @PhilippaJane Bullrush. *shudder*
  • @etherius Forgot to say welcome to Cali! We've got... um... 'stuff' I envy your latitudunal (!) destination. Los Strangeles is weird.
  • Listening to Whispers At the Edge & eating comfort cocoa pebbles.
  • @PhilippaJane & @TeeMonster 8 days to 08.08.08... Watching for weird things to happen today... [BOTH THEIR BOOKS ARE RELEASED ON 08.08.08]
  • On the plus side I was wearing less makeup than the clown today & Og thought it was worth getting dragged there so that's good.
  • The mailbox is not my friend.
  • Should have used the Visine BEFORE the mascara.
  • Have to go dress up to meet a mute clown now - pls let it be fun today or I might bite someone's head off - accidentally of course.
  • Worst frakkin' night's sleep in quite a while and since Og doesn't let me do much at the best of times, that's saying something! *GROWL*

WEDNESDAY: July 30th
  • Will have to finish my WS quote selection tomorrow. Zleepy!
  • MP3Mail sent after many interruptions.
  • C'mon Audacity - no more crashing please!
  • Og is thwarting my plans for this evening. *sigh*
  • Trying to explain the difference between nuts and screws to Og - believe it or not, I think he gets it.
  • @TeeMonster Unless you're wearing chainmail - apparently the electric field makes them act like puppies - I'm not kidding. Weird huh?
  • @TeeMonster I concur! As an Aussie you'd think sharks wouldn't be a problem for me but they're evil I tell you, EVIL! [RE PEOPLE BEING CRAZY DIVING WITH SHARKS]
  • Drawing chalk mermaids for @mudsock. Og is trying to wash them away.
  • Watching Og practicing his Ye Old Bamboo routine with his favorite stick.
  • @mightymur As a collector of purple appliances it's funny to think you now match my kitchen.
  • I didn't know ambulances could swim! OK - they don't, they sink but they still have little smiling Tonka faces which makes Og happy.
  • @GrammarGirl That is SO cool! Congratulations! May you be sent enough champagne to have a bubbly bath and plenty left over to drink! [HER NEW BOOK JUST HIT THE NYTIMES BESTSELLER LIST]
  • @TeeMonster Just tellin' it like it is ;)
  • @mudsock Cute! Washing the car with a squirt gun would take a very long time though...
  • @Nobilis Merci sir! Nice little podcastings on writing to fit in between things. Xlnt! [HE SENT A LINK]
  • @TeeMonster & @PhilippaJane are on Dragon Page! Go make positive comments and get people excited about 08.08.08
  • Ow. Knuckle bruise - who thought Og watching could be so hazardous?
  • @Nobilis Where be these writing excuses ye spake of? (not that I really need any more - I got me plenty!)
  • @mudsock Oh yeah - Og & I were singing along to Dr. Horrible a lot yesterday...
  • Jeri Smith-Ready podcast interview - vampire research, writing, rock n roll, her book Wicked Game - very interesting!
  • @mudsock Just as well I'm not famous - if I don't eat my words, I don't think other people should!
  • Og is feeding his cars cheerios. I don't have the heart to tell him they're on a liquid only diet.
  • Taschen's A Thousand Hounds... fabulous photo book! Og is providing doggy SFX.
  • Check out @prindiville's latest failed Supervillain! HI-larious!

TUESDAY: July 29th
  • Giving Torchwood a go again. Oh dear - who wrote these lines? Lessons in how NOT to write dialogue. Suspension of disbelief very difficult!
  • @cmpriest Happy All-About-You-Day! Wishing you nommy food, xlnt drinks, many laughs & other birthday goodness (insert birthday song here!)
  • @mudsock Music jackpot for you!
  • Scrounging change to go buy chocolate chips - cookie makin' time!
  • Og, the pasta-haired angel, is playing with penne finger puppets - it's a very stylized way of eating dinner.
  • Putting the microwave through its paces - gourmet chef am I. Dinner a la zap!
  • @the0phrastus A link to The Gatherer that works! Yay! More reading for me. Plus love the sketched title!
  • Listening to Dragon Page and chasing Og's potato puffs around the room.
  • @mudsock I commented on a little post in Urban Fantasy Fan too... [RE LITTLE STORY I EXPANDED ON WITH A TWIST]
  • My response to 'Are you prepared for a zombie emergency?':
  • Og's dream car
  • Og is coloring in helicopters with crayons. He prefers brown today and is getting close to drawing wheels (circles) by himself.
  • @mwsmedia Makes me think an earthquake alarm system would be possible with that kind of delay. Mind you it was a roller, not a true shaker.
  • @mwsmedia Wason phone to hubbie in Burbank at the time. He's like "Holy crap! Earthquake!" Og & I felt it almost 10 seconds later.
  • @mudsock Twitter tribe reports feeling quake in San Diego too.
  • @mwsmedia Og (baby) and I are out in Santa Clarita. Hubbie in Burbank - shaking lasted about 40 secs by both our estimates. [MWSMEDIA IS IN SANTA MONICA]
  • @mudsock Here's the earthquake stats update page (different one)
  • Earthquake! 5.8 Over - Og now trying to shake the doors and walls to see if he can make them move again - cutest earthquake reaction ever!
  • Just found out Joss Whedon does Shakespeare readings & plays in his backyard every couple of months. Not surprised. (Wanna go see!)
  • Just watched Dr. Horrible beginning to end on HULU It's STILL funny.

MONDAY: July 28th
  • Og is so restless my blog post will have to wait till tomorrow.
  • On the upside - a long overdue email is done :)
  • Lipstick Jungle is no Sex and the City but it'll do for a girly fix - if I could get the streaming video to work properly! Argh!
  • I do NOT feel like writing emails. But when else am I going to get time?
  • @mudsock Woo hoo! (Now you can read the rest of that chapter) [RE HOMETIME FOR MUDSOCK - HE TOOK THE TRAIN]
  • @Nobilis Laundrybots! Want!! (Do you pay them in socks?)
  • Og is demonstrating the dexterity of his toes by picking things up with them. Should 18 month olds be able to do that?!
  • @mudsock Ah= I see which song you mean now. Well= despite the different song topic I STILL think you have good taste. Compredez vous? ;)
  • @mudsock Ah. Well, you still have good taste :P
  • Neil Gaiman is writing a two-part Batman story!
  • He he - I also just googled Bechdel's Law to see what others are saying. I'm already bucking the trend apparently - such a pot stirrer!
  • @mudsock So you like too, huh? (You have such good taste!)
  • @mudsock I may have to click and listen a lot today... don't know as many as I should! [RE SITE WITH COOL LIST OF SONGS]
  • @mudsock You read my comment? How did you know where to go?[RE A COMMENT I WROTE ON SOMEONE'S POST DISCUSSING BECHDEL'S LAW FOR WRITERS]
  • @mudsock Woot! Never heard the whole thing before - me likey! Is that list songs from the show? [MUDSOCK FOUND LIPSTICK JUNGLE THEME SONG IN FULL]
  • Just wrote an unintentionally deep response to a post on 'Bechdel's Law for Writers'... think I might make a post of my own.
  • Garbage trucks passed muster so far today, according to Og.
  • Og is playing with the yodeling pickle.

SUNDAY: July 27th
  • Love the Lipstick Jungle theme song! Now, if they would only release it...
  • Looking at underwater art online. Getting the drawing bug again.
  • Washing the cars with Og - lotsa cute photo ops!
  • Og and his truck book wins... for now...
  • Listening to Chasing the Bard Ch 19 while Og serenades me. I need two sets of ears it seems.
  • One of the furry protectors updated with rabies booster - now to send the license fees to the county - keep 'em both legal.

SATURDAY: July 26th
  • Thinking about babies with scaly heads - it's a Mer thing, not an Og thing. Obviously I'm half-asleep. Time to get the other half there too.
  • @mwsmedia (re The Author's Responsibility) Amen! Enough executives kill good stories w/out us adding to the problem. Stay true! [RESPONSE TO TWEET ABOUT HIS BLOG POST ]
  • Nappies are budget killers.

FRIDAY: July 25th
  • Watching the equivalent of late night TV movies... sux not being able to sleep - too tired.
  • It's been a very long day and it's not done yet...
  • Drawing really bad looking cars in chalk - except for the porsche - that turned out cool. Luckily Og thinks they're all cool.
  • @PGHolyfield Ouch! I know EXACTLY how that feels! (ex-ballet-dancer here) Ice, ice, rest and more ice (then get up and dance again!)[RESPONSE TO TWEET ABOUT A TOE INJURY]
  • Brainstorming ideas for @the0phrastus first book, Seaborn - just released! Merpeople in an dark Urban Fantasy - want!
  • Not only the wheels of the bus go round and round...
  • Mini-Sheriff and mini-Mater are Og's new best pals
  • @jchutchins FREE LEGIT ONLINE MUSIC?! You've just made me a MINE convert - and very happy :) []
  • @etherius Are you likely to go to St Louis again? If not - drive thru - so you can say you've been there! [RE HIS QUESTION ABOUT WHICH ROUT TO TAKE ON HIS TRIP]
  • @mightymur Happy Princess Day! This year I give you the gift of royalty, um, royalties (on the 25th!) & wish you many (xlnt) martinis! [IT WAS MIGHTMUR'S BIRTHDAY]
  • ...No Gymbo appearance today :( but there were dog puppets and foam bugs to squash. Next time, no butterfly print sox for me. Og like music!
  • Og loved the maracas (predictable, right?), the drums were a hit (ha, get it?) and he was there with bells on (literally)...
  • I'm sorry, what's that day supposed to be about again?

THURSDAY: July 24th
  • Earbuds hurt my ears! Think I need a mini-version or a single headphone instead.
  • SpitTheDummy post-Adventures of AquaBoy:GreatHoseDiscovery
  • @TezMillerOz You doing a review of Vicki Pettersson's books? I was very pleasantly surprised. Just starting Taste of Night.
  • @PhilippaJane I wear my sunglasses at night... Oh dear, my 80s are showing! [RESPONSE TO HER COMMENT ABOUT WEARING SUNNIES INDOORS]
  • @mudsock funny ukelele lady
  • @PhilippaJane Kiwis!
  • @mudsock Apparently I'm not even 1 smoot tall! Guess I'm not up to the mark :P [YOU CAN LOOK UP WHAT A 'SMOOT' IS ON WIKIPEDIA]
  • @etherius Hope your journey is great and the destination worth every mile... BTW how are you tweeting while driving?
  • Listening to Talechasing w/ PG Holyfield while Og provides additional SFX and voice talent in the background - just for me!
  • Fumpr looks interesting
  • @mudsock And just what inspired your 'research'?! [RE SUPERGLUE USED DURING WAR TO STICK SKIN TOGETHER OVER WOUNDS]
  • Og slept thru his alarm - my little nightowl forgot about seeing Gymbo the clown today. Will try for a make-up class tomorrow.
  • Having to re-follow people after the last Twitter glitch.

WEDNESDAY: July 23rd
  • @TezMillerOz Funny speculation on your cover post re Pride. I had similar thoughts - pride = family in her case, right??
  • Og eating pasta - watching him turn into my 'pasta-haired angel'.
  • Listening to Zumanity s/track.
  • Just vacuumed and detailed the main bedroom, backroom and kitchen. Very difficult with clingy Og!
  • @kimidreams You can always email him through LJ.
  • (Mama) What's your name? (Og) "Ja!" (Mama) Yes! (Og just said half his real name - I'm SO proud)
  • "Dadda" (Og speak for Daddy)
  • Little Wombat books are Og's second favorite.. after all the truck and car books of course!
  • (voiceover voice) "HD makes your heroes testosteronier.." seriously?
  • Brak-bah! (Og-speak for 'tractor')
  • @mudsock Slow morning?

TUESDAY: July 22nd
  • I'm not sure if it's funny or freaky that the CIA might really work (and talk) this way. Bourne Ultimatum. Love this stuff!
  • Want! (Fail whale t-shirts & other goodies)
  • @TeeMonster Shakespeare quotations, passion, fighting, death scs... hope you're including some of these on your reel - impressive range!
  • @TeeMonster Really love your work on Chasing the Bard. I keep forgetting I'm listening to 'Tee' (that's a compliment!)...
  • I'm STILL getting fencing newsletters from Swordplay, even though I haven't fenced in, um almost 5? years now. Makes me miss it - kinda.
  • Just glanced at the time - that took a LOT longer than I thought it would. Damn! Just when the DVD player decides to work too!
  • Post: A Week of Tweets - but if you're reading this on Twitter you really don't need a summary do you?!


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Bio: Human/zombie hybrid who wishes
she had tastier brains to snack on while working,
wears socks made out of old muppets,
grows her own hair.