Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Week Of Tweets

Here are my tweets for the week, with the most recent first. You're also getting my half of tweet-exchanges with a brief explanation to clue you in. I've included the links mentioned too, in case you feel like checking them out:

  • Interview with 'fail whale' artist If only she got a cent for every whale sighting! [SEE BOTTOM OF POST FOR A PIC]
  • My copy of Brave Men Run just arrived! :)
  • @etherius On the up side the city is super dog friendly and lots of doggie-allowed parks (AND people DO clean up after them! SHOCK!) [DISCUSSING SAN FRANCISCO]
  • @PhilippaJane Never mind - I'll try and leave voicemail or send an email. Great Chapter though. [RE CHAPTER 18 OF CHASING THE BARD PODCAST NOVEL]
  • @PhilippaJane Ch 18 - very touching. Did Will ever write about Bess then? That had to have touched his writing in more ways than one! [DITTO ABOVE]
  • @mudsock Was that from Ruscal? Very cute - lets get one. [RE BUNNY LETTER OPENER VIDEO ON YOUTUBE:]
  • Roller skating dinosaur wood block puzzles - me and Og. Happy times.
  • @prindiville OMG that's hilarious and completely TRUE! [RE YOUTUBE VIDEO RE CREATIVE WORK FOR CLIENTS]
  • Watchmen trailer comparison of book to screen - xlnt!

MONDAY: July 21
  • LOL MyNameIsEarl - That writer's room must be a great place to hang out.
  • No DVD player - resorting to watching a free online episode of My Name Is Earl.
  • @scottsigler when in doubt send them to the bathroom... like 24 :P [RE HIS COMMENT DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE NOT-SO-SMART CHARACTER KEEPING SECRET FROM SMART CHARACTERS]
  • @TezMillerOz Ah -but see it's all about the cookie dough for us... if some gets cooked, that's a bonus! [RE HER COMMENT OF 'ME COOK?!']
  • @prindiville ...The Terrible Twosome.. see? Lame failed supervillains. Clever names are not my strong suit. (What is a strong suit anyway?) [RE ONGOING TWEET EXCHANGE ABOUT AN IDEA FOR A SKETCH]
  • @prindiville Not ignoring ur question. Just can't think of anything better than Major Lee Awful, Doc Deadbeat, Col. Mouse Tache (brain spaz) [DITTO ABOVE]
  • @mudsock Amazon delivery for you! (jealous) [SELF EXPLANATORY!]
  • We found purple Ramone!! Thus ends the 3 day hunt in a magazine holder between books. Og is verrry happy.
  • New pic on my profile page in honor of Sive's upcoming book release. (Free PDF!!!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! @PhilippaJane ) [PART OF THE PROMOTION FOR HER NEW BOOK, 'DIGITAL MAGIC', BEING RELEASED ON 08-08-08 ON AMAZON]
  • A picture of chocolate chip cookies has Og in a tizzy. I know how he feels.
  • Waking up with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang & Lightning McQueen = pillow face with added tire tracks. Thanks Og.
  • Looks like all yesterday's Tweets were eaten - not in my timeline - but they're on my @inkgypsy page. Others I read last night are gone too.

SUNDAY: July 20
  • Inklings post: Scraping Bottom of Barrel for Boost
  • Spit-the-Dummy post: 18 Mnth Old Aquarian Makes A Splash
  • Zombie Kitteh
  • Can't wait for the all-singing commentary on the DVD though. What a blast! They're either very brave or completely nuts.
  • I have the Dr. Horrible s/track in my head - and now I can't watch it to help me get to the next bit!
  • Deleting a writing-prompt response. Glad I realized it was crap-alicious before anyone saw it. Gak!
  • Entering another book competition - getting desperate now I have no book allowance anymore (stupid bills).
  • Og likes Bad Horse's theme song - that's my boy!
  • @mightymur Re "Stop. It's spackle time." - LOL I can see the video now... [MIGHTYMUR WAS PAINTING THAT DAY]
  • Joss Whedon Behind-the-Scenes of Dr. Horrible - a lot of fun!

  • Og's rain machine sounded briefly like a tardis. Perhaps I'm asleep already.
  • Putting my brain cells to bed.
  • Catching up on Fangs, Fur & Fey.
  • @filboidstudge Thanks for the article! Took me a few days but I read it all. Verrrry interesting... return address: Behind the Lions -story! [RE ARTICLE LINK LIVES & LETTERS: THE LION & THE MOUSE']
  • Hair color - goes on purple and I come out blonde. Guess that's good, though I'd be OK with on blonde/out purple too.
  • @PhilippaJane @TeeMonster Really enjoyed the Dead Robots interview too - great to hear all different stuff - very little overlap. More pls! [RE PODCAST INTERVIEW WITH TEEMONSTER & PHILIPPAJANE RE THEIR BOOKS COMING OUT ON 08-08-08 ON AMAZON]
  • @TezMillerOz Watcha doin' that you have to go alphabetical through Amazon? Someone give you an impossible task? [RE A COMMENT ABOUT HER BEING UP TO 'P' ON AMAZON]
  • Blog Post 'When Nice Characters Give You the HeebieJeebies...'
  • Why does spelling 'dialogue' like this always end up with a squiggly red line when writing online?
  • @feliciaday Excellent work (fun?) on Dr. Horrible! Sorry about your death though. [RE HER ACTING/SINGING ON 'DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG']

FRIDAY: July 18
  • Our teenie houdini just figured out how to pull his t-shirt off by himself. Great.
  • Emptying the kiddie pool, one scoop at a time.
  • Listening to Brave Men Run. [A PODIOBOOK]
  • @prindiville Ooh! While Dr. Horrible is making waves, how about a sketch from 'the society of failed supervillains'? [RE HIS CALL FOR SKETCH SUGGESTIONS]
  • Please don't tell me you'll give me feedback if you don't really intend to. Waiting for nothing sux.
  • @prindiville Love the Billibub Baddings sketch! (lucky Tee :D) [RE A SKETCH OF ONE OF TEEMONSTER'S CHARACTERS HERE: ]
  • Dr Dreadful's Riposte to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog on YouTube

THURSDAY : July 17
  • Blog post: Go watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog
  • Twitter is NOT fixed! Where are my tweet-tribe and where are my tweets?
  • What the freak? Now I have a French dude in my timeline - what's going on Twitter?!
  • How did Bosso get into my timeline? Me no likely you crashing my tweets Bosso! Anyone else get this?
  • I just realized I wrote 'Doctor' when I meant 'Dr' - I guess I had 'Who' on the brain.
  • @prindiville Late reply - I'm 1/2 way thru Torchwood Season 1 - thx for the tip! [RE HIS TIP THAT IT GETS BETTER IN SEASON 2]
  • @mudsock Mail & chat [RE.. I CAN'T REMEMBER]
  • @TeeMonster Last book you'll ever write? Excellent. My variation - 'the only book that will ever represent you' (which to some is true) [RE A COMMENT HE MADE DURING PODCAST INTERVIEW ABOUT 'WRITE YOUR BOOK AS IF IT IS THE LAST BOOK YOU'LL EVER WRITE.]
  • @TeeMonster @PhilippaJane Excellent Tea & Chat guys! Worth every minute of the 120 (or so) there. [RE THEIR DOUBLE INTERVIEW ON THE PODCAST 'TEA & CHAT']
  • @PhilippaJane Research - you aware of this site? [RE HER TWEET THAT SHE WAS HAVING DIFFICULTY RESEARCHING TEXTS PRE-DATING EARLY 1900'S]
  • I am now a Doctor Horrible convert! (I'm late but I'm here!)
  • Also tomato rolling time - to the tune of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang of course (Og is providing the music).
  • And now it's tomato stomping time apparently - a very messy game!
  • While other kids were jumping on the Gymboree equipment Og was busy pointing out all the rips, chips and broken bits.

  • Torchwood is beginning to find its groove for me - not completely won over yet but I'm more interested now.
  • Inklings post: Why Twitter + Today's Tweets

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