Saturday, August 1, 2009

Steampunk Retelling of a Fairy Tale - Short Series Podcast by Me!


There's a new special short series podcast dropping today - August 1st - at "Supernatural Fairy Tales" - and it's a Steampunk retelling of a Grimm's fairy tale - by me!

Dorlana Vann was kind enough to invite me to write a short story for her site and it's turned into an exciting mini-production, being presented in five weekly parts during the month of August in both text and as a podcast.

The title of the story is:
"Cages: A Steampunk Retelling of Grimm's Jorinde & Joringel in V Parts with Epilogue"
(gotta love those old-fashioned lengthy titles!)
and has a definite Neo-Victorian feel.

It will be posted at the Supernatural Fairy Tales site HERE
and I'll update this post with the direct link as soon as I find out what it is.

In case you're not familiar with the fairy tale you can read it HERE (and thank you to Heidi at SurLaLune for making this a readily available online reference for me to check when I didn't have my complete Grimm's handy!)

I also managed to secure permission from Steampunk band Abney Park to use some of their music in the podcast, one song in particular being perfect thematically. Many thanks to them for their generosity in sharing their fabulous music. You can check out their website HERE.I'll also be making a PDF of the complete story available for free download and distribution at the end of the series, so watch out for that.

Lots of steampunk fairy tale goodness coming your way!



Angie said...

I'll keep an eye, that sounds interesting! Makes me want to get back in to reading fairy tales.

Anna said...

thanks for visiting my blog and following me, I read your story about Bruno Torfs, I did a post ones about him too...I really do love his artwork!

I read your profile and see that we have the same taste in movies,
I have a movie blog also, it's in dutch but I do have a translate button.
gr. till next visit

Knitlark said...

I am so glad that I found your blog. I love it.
Thanks for following me. When you get a chance, check out the Knitlark Lane Podcast.
Episodes include
1- Reading from The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo
2- Reading from Fairy Tale
3- Stuff about books, travel, knitting

Arlene deWinter said...

Hi Gypsy,
I've given you a Best Blog award.
Come by Gothic Faery Tales and collect it.

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