Thursday, March 12, 2009

What The Heck Is She Up To?

Wondering what many things I'm working on right now?

Here's a brief list of posts to come and a peek at my other projects:

For THE ORGANIC WRITER there's lots coming your way!
  • I'm busy getting details on the writing processes some published organic writers use - fascinating stuff here! The results are likely to be in the next post or two.
  • I'll be profiling one writer in particular who uses art as part of his process (the general post discussing multiple writers has to come first but this will be lots of fun!)
  • You'll hear about some of my different writing approaches

There are lots of CREATIVE DETOURS to take you down:
  • the next one I've chosen creates beautiful fairy tale worlds within books by using the books themselves...

  • I have at least three half-written but rather than get your expectations up I'll just tell you there's lots more UF focused posts on the way :)

Then there's MY WRITING:
  • For day-to-day updates, progress and 'regress' reports on my WIP 'Dead Wood' please feel free to follow me on Twitter.You may even get hints about the novel I'm working on! ;) I'm using the hashtag #SOLIDARITY to indicate I'm joining in with other writers attempting to make serious progress on their books. Here's the link:
  • I've been involved in an experiment of 'chain fiction' with James Patterson & Borders via Twitter. I'll discuss my thoughts on the social media experiments on 'crowd written novels' and 'chain fiction', plus you'll get to read 'the story so far..' and my thoughts on the results
  • I'll post an update on 'Dead Wood' too and my current challenges with it
  • A new urban fantasy story has reared it's tantalizing head but I can't give it the attention it would need to go from 'interesting' to 'excellent' just yet, though I have written one interesting scene...

And there's the stuff I WANT to be doing too - my WISH LIST - that somehow needs some attention without taking away the little time and energy I have for my main projects:
  • My poorly neglected fairy tale blog, in which I explore themes, ideas and post some of my own fairy tale inspired work
  • My personal family blog
  • Project 'Bite Me' which blends retelling fairy tales with urban fantasy
  • Finishing my 'book cover illustration' for 'Dead Wood' - though I won't be using it for a while it is in progress and will be useful, eventually...

And don't get me started on my GOTTA READ list!
(Anyone have a cloning machine handy?)

I think that about does it for now. Stay tuned for more to come!

Oh and isn't the Jack & the Beanstalk illustration cute? I thought it appropriate, seeing as we're talking about stories and projects that grow and end up goodness-knows-where. I especially like that he's lost his hat on the way but has to keep climbing. I know how he feels! (Illustration is copyright of Niko Geyer. Click on the illustration to see more of his work.)

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