Saturday, July 4, 2009

Writing Scary/Suspense: Sometimes the Smallest Twist Makes the Biggest Scare

There is plenty of scary at the blog I found the above poster in. Only click if you can handle lots of fright and moderate gore.

I just saw these ads and thought they were an awesome example and resource for writers to consider - especially those who are writing suspense or having difficulty communicating a sense of 'scary' in their scenes.

Often writers will go overboard adding elements to try and amp the eek-factor but just a little twist is all you need to make the mundane truly frightening.

Have a look at these examples, by Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt Spree, Berlin, Germany


I had a thought of printing these out to pin up somewhere to remind myself of this principle when writing, but they're so seriously creepy I'll just post them here and be reminded every time I look at my blog instead!